Key Beliefs

  1. God is real and is continually involved in this world.
  2. God exists as one God but at the same time He exists as three distinct people (weird, I know, but its in the Bible).
  3. God is the creator of all things. As creator, He wants to rule the world and all that is in it.
  4. As human beings we do not like anyone or anything telling us what to do. We want to be in control of our own lives.
  5. God is angry with the world. And He has set a day when He will judge every person for the way they have responded to Him.
  6. It is NOT about whether we are good or not. It is how we respond to God as our creator.
  7. We all reject God as our ruler. And as a result we are all under God's judgment.
  8. God is the perfect judge but is also merciful. He cares about human beings.
  9. So God has sent His Son Jesus into the world as a human being.
  10. His mission was to teach the truth about God (the Father), to show people what God expects from us, but ultimately His main mission was to die on the cross.
  11. Jesus came to pay the judgment we deserved. God (the Father) and Jesus (God, the Son) worked together to provide a way to avoid the judgment we deserved for rejecting God's right to rule us.
  12. Forgiveness is offered to all people by trusting Jesus and His death on the cross.
  13. This trust needs to be expressed in a desire to follow Jesus. If we truly trust Jesus, we will want Him to lead us; to rule over us.
  14. God has left us with the desire to rule ourselves in order that we will continue to trust Jesus rather than anything that we can do. This means that we will continue to struggle putting God first in our life. But by remaining in our trust in Jesus, we will always be forgiven as we struggle to follow Him.
  15. God has promised that Jesus will one day return and bring an end to this universe (stage of existence). On that day, God will reveal every person's life and judge them according to their response to Jesus.
  16. After this Judgment day, God has said, He will renovate all creation and change it into a place of perfect love, an eternity of perfect harmony with God and each other.